About Us

My name is Roxanne - I am the lady behind Northern Lullaby. This business started as an idea and soon became a reality because of our awesome customers and supporters, believing in our brand. 

Northern Lullaby started off as a hobby but quickly became a passion of mine. I first started sewing several years ago to surprise my grandmother with a handmade gift. Well, needless to say, I fell in love with sewing and decided to expand in the items I was making. Bibdanas is where my business really started! I was selling them on Facebook groups and it became a quick success!

Northern Lullaby became a reality since October 2017 and the evolution as a small shop is something I’m very proud of. In 2020, we transitioned into an Eco-friendly brand. We began changing the way we run our business and we started retailing Eco-friendly products not only for little ones but also for adults. We feature as many small and Canadian brands as we can. We value the importance of shopping and supporting small and we hope you love everything we brought in.

I love seeing you Northerners wearing our brand and supporting the Eco conscious lifestyle.

Today, I am here doing something I love and cannot wait to share all my idea with you guys!

Thank you for shopping small and supporting our brand.